I followed Lebo about 2 or 3 months before Stretch With Lebo Pule Facebook group came about. She came onto my timeline via a mutual Facebook friend Dr. Zakes Motene. Lebo had a hashtag called #IfIHadAChurch every Sunday on her wall. She gave incredible sermons. I loved those Sunday posts especially because all the spiritual books and speakers I had ever read or followed were American, British and Australian. Lebo brought home spiritual lessons in my “home language”….it was always in English, but she gave it the Kasi (township) twist that made it easier to digest.

Bottom-line is that there is something deeply believable about Lebo. She is my teacher.
Thank you for being you Lebo. You are meant to transform women and children.
  – Dr. Miranda Moloto student at Stretch With Lebo Pule

There aren’t many teachers who are themselves willing to be students/ vulnerable in the presence of their students. She’s one who is willing to learn right along with hers. I find this so powerful! For me, this is what makes her relatable. It gives one the perseverance to carry on, especially at a time when you feel like you will never know enough to move forward in this journey called life. When you see her learn and grow, you too get the motivation to keep going, that your illumination is just around the corner too, you just have to keep going. She has the ability to simplify even the most complex of concepts and make things easily palatable and digestible. Probably why there’s no subject off limits for her. Truly amazing!

She’s also courageous and a force that fosters change or transformation, even if it means she may stand alone. Her ability to look at both sides of the coin and give a balanced view even though it is not necessarily a popular view is quite refreshing and allows one to get a holistic view on issues.
– Dr. Tshegofatso Skosana a Pathologist a student of Stretch

I experience Lebo as incredibly real and courageous in everything she does. She has the rare combination of being both brave and vulnerable. I have never ever experienced anyone who is able to facilitate a mature and meaning dialogue online, on Facebook with people from all walks of life. That for me is special because Facebook is wild, there are no rules, there are no by-ins, you never know who can come in with their vitriol, but somehow on Lebo’s wall, none of the abusive online chaos happened often. She has a way of making everyone seen and heard. I think that is a special gift.

Lebo is also a connector of people, a connector of souls. She has a way of seeing the bigger picture and the details. She is a keen observer of life and people. She can see trends and patterns in a way that I have never seen anyone do. She can stretch anyone to think differently, to truly shift in terms of consciousness, I think it is so apt that she calls her school Stretch with Lebo Pule because that is what she does.

– Jo Ntsebeza –  A Life Coach with over 20 years’ experience.