Personal coaching or life coaching has became an accepted form of seeking guidance and help in order to overcome certain obstacles, to achieve ones goals or to simply off-load. So, seeking coaching is half the battle won.

The fact of the matter is that life is challenging and can be quite overwhelming, particularly now, in the 21st century – where we are faced with challenges human beings have never dealt with before.

We lead fast paced lives, intensely stressful jobs, the cost of living is way too high. A majority of households are single parent lead. Social media has changed our lives for the better, but it has also brought with it undue and unexpected stress levels.

No wonder people simply aren’t coping. Anxiety, panic attacks, burn out and chronic fatigue are on the rise.

Here are some of the challenges that many people in average struggle with.

  1. A sense of Feeling Stuck
  2. Inability to make sound decisions
  3. Procrastination
  4. Fear of rejection
  5. Fear to taking risks and lacking in courage to go for what they truly want
  6. Self-esteem, self-worth, confidence related challenges
  7. Fear of Failure this is a big one
  8. Other challenges are of a deeply spiritual nature which includes finding ones purpose, Calling or Passion in life.

Lebo coaches on all the above.

Lebo’s Coaching Approach

Lebo is able to gently and firmly guide and coach you through whatever challenge you are going through. Her natural talent to connect, guide and teach others has seen her helping many people informally over a period of 7 years.

It is only since 2016 that she took up personal development coaching seriously as part of her work. Though she has done a short course on Integral Coaching Principles, she uses mainly her intuition and her vast experience of connecting with people.

Her approach is a delicate balance of both personal and professional, though she follows a certain methodology, she certainly does not apply a ‘one size fits all’ she works with you as an individual.

During her sessions you almost feel like she is an old childhood friend without losing the client/coach professional relationship. She has an uncanny ability to open people up, holding their space and making them feel comfortable and at ease to share their deepest issues.
The Coaching Packages

Lebo Offers Two Options
Option 1 – The Sounding Board (TSB)
The Sounding board is exactly what it means. Here Lebo offers 4 quick and effective advice, guidance or plan aimed at people who do not need a full-on coaching session per se, but they need is a sounding board, to be assisted with certain decisions or to be nudged in the right direction or to help them re-focus on their goals.

The sessions will be done telephonically or via skype, with each session lasting an hour. The Sounding Board happens randomly as per the needs of the client within a 4 months period.

Who needs TSB

  • StartUp Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone in a new leadership role
  • Anyone who’s in transition from full time employment to starting on their own
  • Anyone who needs an ear.

Cost For The Sounding Board
R1,500 an hour

Contact us for more details

Option 2: Holding Your Hand (HYH)

Holding Your Hand is a more structured coaching program lasting between 6 to 12 sessions of  1 hour each, the sessions happens once a month.

The first session is usually longer, approximately 2 hours, for obvious reasons as Lebo needs to be better acquainted with you and you with her.

She takes you deep with each session for you to get to your desired results. Most times you will receive more than you bargained for. Due to the intensity of Holding Your Hand sessions, Lebo only takes a few clients at a time.

She also works closely with clinical psychologist and social workers where she may and will refer should she detect that more intervention is needed.

The coaching sessions are life giving and  truly transformational.

Who needs HYH

  • Anyone who feels stuck in a rut and desperate for change in their lives
  • Anyone who is going through a challenge in their business or career
  • Anyone feeling overwhelmed in general by life’s challenges

Cost For Holding Your Hand
R1,300 per session

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