The September 2019 Retreat Theme was GROWTH through HEALING.

Growth of any kind, emotional, mentally, financial and spiritual comes about when one is willing to heal. Having experienced my own ongoing healing and worked with people closely over the years, I have come to realise that healing propels us forward.

In February 2019 Stretch hosted its first ever retreat, the theme was UNLEARNING, LETTING GO AND RELEARNING. The retreat was such a success that it prompted Lebo Pule to create not only a second one, but to make annual retreats as part of the work she does at Stretch.

The theme for September 2019 retreat is GROWTH THROUGH HEALING. This theme is to demonstrate that growth of any kind, emotional, mentally, financial and spiritual growth comes about when one is willing to heal, when one is willing to face their wounds and begin the healing process. Having experienced her own ongoing healing and having worked with many people closely over the years, Lebo Pule knows first-hand the value of healing. She has recently authored her second book, titled ALONE – From Hustling to Healing.


Lebo Pule does not conduct the retreats alone, she involves other teachers, spiritual healers and coaches with different expertise. In February she worked with Jo Ntsebeza a renowned Relationship Coach, Zanele Nkosi Executive Coach on leadership and Self Mastery. For the September retreat she will be joined by spiritual healer Mkhulu Makhanya Spiritual healer and teacher  and Manti Maifadi refer to her as  ‘the soil whisperer’ she teaches on our relationship with the soil, lessons we can learn from mother nature.


Every morning begins with an hour of yoga or exercise, followed by a full day of teaching by one of the teachers. Each teacher gets the whole day to teach and facilitate healing. There I are other activities such as short hiking, nature walks and a tours.


“2019 I decided it will be my year of healing my inner and outer body. I joined yoga, gym and attended my first retreat with Lebo Pule.

The retreat made me realize how angry I was and it opened my heart to healing and forgiveness. The intimate coaching sessions cracked opened my heart and soul. I cried buckets of tears. I become aware that I am a peace stealer, ungrateful and lack humility. I have since started to create a conducive peaceful environment for myself and my family. The retreat introduced me to journaling and to the most tasteful plant based meals.

The daily morning Yoga sessions, Meditation and the most beautiful serene places we hiked to; brought back my Awareness/Consciousness. The retreat enlightened me to see the beautiful life I have and the awareness that my life should not be perfect and I appreciate it with lots of GRATITUDE. 

I have since joined Lebo on one on one coaching after the retreat to hold my hand on this journey of HEALING and MINDFULNESS. – Refilwe

When you can no longer find joy in the experiences that brought you happiness? When your coping mechanisms are killing you inside? When you look at yourself in the mirror, and ask “Who are you?”, “Why are you here?” When you question your capability of what should come naturally, like being a Mother? These were some of my questions. I knew then that there had to be more to life.

In 2017 I joined Lebo Pule’s Stretch With Lebo Pule, a Facebook community of like-minded people, my tribe. This led me to attending Lebo’ Stretch Retreat in February 2019, it was my first experience of a retreat. This retreat was a birthday gift to myself as I was turning 40. Little did I know that this would be the best gift I gave myself.  A seed was planted. As part of the Retreat we also had a Relationship and Executive Coach, Leadership and Consciousness Coach, and a Certified Yoga Teacher.  

Lebo Pule has the ability to let us be totally vulnerable as long as one is open and willing. 

Sometimes you just don’t know what it is that you are seeking, I urge anyone to go on a Retreat, at least once in your life because as Lebo says “once you know you can never unknow”. I also made connections that I know are going to be life-long  with strangers; they are now my soul sisters.

– Boitumelo