Alone 2 – From hustling to healing


Alone book 2 was launched May 2019, in book 2 Lebo takes the reader through her entrepreneurial journey in the first part of the book. She lets you into how it is like for her to be an entrepreneur, she shares her experiences in intricate detail you could almost feel her. Timothy Maurice Webster who wrote the foreword to the book puts it this way

‘Lebo opens this book gently and adroitly placing you in the heart of her hustle as she pursues successful entrepreneurship.  The book reads with so much empathy you can easily forget that Lebo is a cunning wiz at sales and strategy.  With her heart and hustle worn on her sleeve she invokes your emotions in a way that you won’t be able to put the book down.  You’ll cheer for Lebo and cry for yourself if entrepreneurship is your goal.  She doesn’t hold back and if you’re Black she will trigger you, but you’ll recognize this is not for shock value, it’s her remaining committed to her values of integrity- dedicated to the truth.’



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