When asked why the title ALONE? Lebo Pule’s response is this:

We are born alone, we have unique and alone experiences,  our emotions, thoughts and actions can only be taken by us alone. No matter how many people we have around us, no matter how many love us, no one can truly feel what we feel, taste what we taste and experience what we experience. The title ALONE is not to encourage people to be loners necessarily, that would be impossible, we are social animals – the title is rather to get people to fully own up to their lives, for only they can shape their lives be whatever they want it to be. It talks to taking responsibility and being accountable to yourself.


In May 2014 Lebo Pule launched her debut book titled ALONE – Growing Up In Alexandra. It is a memoir where she narrates candidly about growing up in a township in the 80’s. She touches on many factors that are part and parcel of a township upbringing such as violence in the community, abuse of women and girl children. She further takes the reader through her own struggles such as her complex relationship with her father, her teenage pregnancy, marrying young as well as her entrepreneurial journey.



Alone book 2 was launched May 2019, in book 2 Lebo takes the reader through her entrepreneurial journey in the first part of the book. She lets you into how it is like for her to be an entrepreneur, she shares her experiences in intricate detail you could almost feel her. Timothy Maurice Webster who wrote the foreword to the book puts it this way

‘Lebo opens this book gently and adroitly placing you in the heart of her hustle as she pursues successful entrepreneurship.  The book reads with so much empathy you can easily forget that Lebo is a cunning wiz at sales and strategy.  With her heart and hustle worn on her sleeve she invokes your emotions in a way that you won’t be able to put the book down.  You’ll cheer for Lebo and cry for yourself if entrepreneurship is your goal.  She doesn’t hold back and if you’re Black she will trigger you, but you’ll recognize this is not for shock value, it’s her remaining committed to her values of integrity- dedicated to the truth.’


In the second part of the book, she goes on to share her thoughts and observations on why entrepreneurship is so difficult for black South Africans. The last part of the book, she covers her healing journey, which lead her to establish Stretch With Lebo Pule.

Feedback and Reviews from readers ALONE BOOK 1

Hello sis’ Lebo. I’ve just finished reading your book. 

This is NOT feedback/review this is me, trying to reach out and show gratitude to a woman who has wiped sand off my eyes.

Alone is one of the greatest reads I’ve been fortunate to invest in. Now in my self discovery journey I feel your book came at a right but raw/early stage in my life. If I’d read it a year or 2 down the line I have a feeling I may have great things to say about it, and you 🙂. I mean, your book has poked on so much of my wounds I’m afraid to say I may be another version of you, in my own way of course, a tiny version from a different dimension. Reading it has made me realise just how much introspection I still need to do.

ALONE 1 terrified and excited me at the same time. I just wanna say I don’t believe we have many South African authors who can put feelings and meaning to spoken words like you do. I am so proud of you. I envy you. I am sad and happy for you, like I’ve grown feelings for you. No, I am a woman and straight and have no intentions of cyber stalking you 🙂I feel like I know your pain at the same time am grateful for your victory – it gives me hope. So, grateful I am almost jealous, the same way you were of the boys when you were growing up 🙂In conclusion? I love you and thankful that you let me (and others) draw so much strength from you and learn from your experiences. You most certainly are not an average person. You never were and never will. Keep strong 😗

– Olwethu Nqevu


‘I immediately sensed when I paged through your book that  I would not postpone reading it  for whatever reason, I kept on ignoring few calls, WhatsApp messages not to distract me, your book kept me in the bed since 06h30 to 10h00 this morning, here I am done.

Yours is a story that worth sharing with  fellow young  “aspiring Fathers and Mothers and as well as aspiring Entrepreneurs that it never get easy in this life. You  are a good story teller, the sequence of the chapters in the book are well organised, and chapter 4 , brought some memories of my late father, very strict and loud to some extent,  nothing excite me then except daily lectures on how education was a key.  Your experience with your father is exactly how many of us grew up, is only lately that i feel the absence of his love and lost engagement on societal issues that could have perhaps shaped me to perceive life differently.

I enjoyed reading your book, made me to realize that more often, we tend to ignore very important aspects of our lives and pursue insignificant issues that would not impact much in the society, we more often deterred to raise issues that would cause debates among ourselves, we more often fear to voice our anger and end up dying in silent. 

Keep up the good work Mme Pule. I’m waiting for your second edition of Alone



Hello ausi Lebo…

I don’t even know how to intro my message you about Alone right now.. Let me say ausi I’ve read this book for like the 3rd time now, and with every read it feels like it’s my first time receiving and reading it all over again. 

Chapter3 at this stage of my life spoke directly to my situation, one of the many reasons why I kept going back to read, I had to pause and look at my own life with all that is going on… I wished I could have read it sooner maybe I could have handled things differently, but I believe the book came at the right time and space of the state of my mind. Thank you for exposing your life and privacy for betterment of others like myself.

I cannot tell you how much this book has shaken my world. I’m still finding me through your story… Many, many thanks