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If you had told me to blog five or even three years ago, I was going to get very annoyed with you.

My reasons were quite embarrassing to tell you the truth. I felt it was too late, that the blogging train had long gone. My other reason was that I absolutely LOVED Facebook (I still do) I loved the instantaneous nature of my friends and followers’ responses. I loved the likes and shares. I loved that I can instantly interact and engage with them. I thought a blog would not give me that kind of high. I thought a blog would disappear in the world wide web. I felt I had my Facebook wall under better control and was mesmerized by the constant attention. A blog I felt could never give me that.

Was I right? To a certain extent yes, I was. But I was short sighted.

1. What I did not know is that, unlike Facebook, blogging reaches a much, much wider community than the algorithms of Facebook can ever offer. It might be slower and take longer to build a community but the community will be a lot more diverse.  

2. Blogging for some reason has an element of credibility that  Facebook posts do not have, regardless of how amazing the posts may be (and mine were incredible 😊). I feel I am not ready to claim that credibility.

3. I love themes, I love to have a monthly theme on subjects, a blog can better carry the themes for me than Facebook. With Facebook you would have to go through a timeline and search and search for a post of 3 weeks ago. That won’t happen with a blog.

And lastly let’s face it, blogging is kinda sophisticated and elegant. It has that ‘take me seriously’ thing about it 😊

So, what am I saying? Did I waste my time on Facebook over the last ten years?

No, of course not. Facebook made me visible, most of you who are reading this intro blog now met me on Facebook. Facebook brought me followers I would have never had. Facebook sharpened my writing and overall communication. I will forever be grateful for it and I will still use it, it is here to stay in any case.

However, from this moment onwards I will be blogging. I will be sharing with you some of my favourite subjects, on personal development and growth, spirituality, entrepreneurship, healing and everything in between. I will use my real lived experiences, my observations, what I have read and learnt over the years. I will blog once a week, new blog posts will land every Monday. Let’s see where this blogging journey takes us 😉


  1. I love the website. It is so clean and easy to navigate. I am so glad I came across you when I did and so happy to have been a student of yours. I am so happy that you keep transforming and tour embrace it so well even when you have fears. That is a virtue I admire a lot. I am a much better person now because of Stretch and the community within.

    And thank you so much for the podcast here. It will make it easier now.

    All i can say is WoW. And here is to more growth. You are loved.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to this journey. I mean you introduced me to the world of Podcasts now we are here in the world of bloggers.

  3. “I have seen it.”

    That is what we all can say…that this change and evolution was coming. We saw it.

    Leaders are visionary for they can see things before they happen. And when it actually happens we are affirmed. You have ironicallg given all of us credibility in you seeking credible platforms and formalizing your work in so many ways across various mediums and platforms.

    I am here to stay with you Lebo.

    #BlackLove always and forever.

  4. Lebo Pule is one of the greatest minds of our time….. She has the ability to connect with people at a very deep level
    I just know I’m going to enjoy your blogs cause you go where very few have courage to. You tackle complex concepts and simply them in an incredible way….. 💖
    Love and Greenlights to you Wise One

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