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"I followed Lebo about 2 or 3 months before Stretch With Lebo Pule Facebook group came about. She came onto my timeline via a mutual Facebook friend Dr. Zakes Motene. Lebo had a hashtag called #IfIHadAChurch every Sunday on her wall. She gave incredible sermons. I loved those Sunday posts especially because all the spiritual books and speakers I had ever read or followed were American, British and Australian. Lebo brought home spiritual lessons in my "home language" was always in English, but she gave it the Kasi (township) twist that made it easier to digest.

Bottom-line is that there is something deeply believable about Lebo. She is my teacher.
Thank you for being you Lebo. You are meant to transform women and children."

- Dr. Miranda Moloto student at Stretch With Lebo Pule

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